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Brewing cocoa coffee alternative hot cocoa

Brewing cocoa originates from the cacao bean, but it has no added sugar, flavorings, or fats. It is 100% pure cocoa. Brewing cocoa is cacao that has been roasted & coarsely ground. There are so many ways to enjoy this incredible beverage! We thought we would share a few... 
Methods of brewing: 
French Press
Standard Drip Coffee maker
Keurig (K-cup) (refillable)
Tea infuser
The beauty of this beverage is you can alter the strength and flavor to suit your fancy. We've indicated using 4 tablespoons per 8-10 oz of water.  I love it in the French press, but my ultimate favorite way is to add a heaping tablespoon to my coffee I brew every morning. It's wonderful smooth chocolatey note comes through without overpowering my coffee. It reminds me of a cafe mocha without the calories!  I add a little light cream, sweetener & sometimes a little cinnamon..perfect!
If your looking for something with amazing flavor profiles without the fat & calories! Our Brewing Cocoa is it! 

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