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About us

Apple Of My Eye LLC was formed in January 2016. We are a Gourmet food-company specializing in all natural dehydrated apple snacks & treats that are handcrafted & hand-dipped in Belgian Chocolate. Our products are unparalleled in texture and flavor. Our Apple Barks flavors are perfectly decadent, creamy, chewy and crunchy all in one special treat! They pair wonderfully with cheese, wine, fresh fruit and other specialty products.

About Our Apples

Our apples are exclusively sourced from local & regional farms & growers from New York State: which happens to be the second largest producer of apples in the country and offers more varieties than any other state! We consult with our growers to pass along the freshest and best varieties to you throughout our growing season. Our products are all natural and handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients.

How it Began

I learned the beauty of family and hospitality being surrounded by an enormous loving, close-knit Italian family. My love for food and sharing it with others became a driving force that led me to spend over 30 years in the hotel & restaurant business.

Even while pursuing another career for decades-I always had one foot in the restaurant and in the kitchen! I can honestly say that everything I know about food is because I've lived and worked alongside so many wonderful, truly gifted people that excelled at their craft & shared that love with me. It was inevitable, that our business would in some way involve food!

Driving to the Southwest multiple times a year propelled us to create portable, healthy & delicious options to eat along the way. Many years ago, my husband & I started making our own Jerky and dehydrating homegrown vegetables, a variety of hot peppers and local fruit. We successfully created healthy, all natural exciting flavors of beef jerky, dried vegetables & fruit which helped ease the stress of our long road trips. We gave our creations to friends and family and they were always well received and in demand. Our dehydrated apples were an unexpected treat when a friend gave us more than we can eat in a month! Our Signature Chocolate Dipped Apples were the first to be introduced and continue to be one of our best sellers!

We are continually experimenting with new ideas, recipes & unexpected flavor combinations to compliment our amazing apples and look forward to introducing them to you in the months and years ahead!